Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Term 2 Week 6

There is some progress to report!
1. Student attendance has improved both at school and at our group time. Individual points with a prize after every 100 points might be a factor!

2. We have been reading about natural disasters this term (the topic ‘triggered’ by the earthquakes in Nepal) with all the students interested and engaged.
3. All but the shyest student are contributing questions and answers freely.

Vocabulary comprehension presents the biggest challenge to all the students. They are very dependent on me for help with this. We are building up lists of words as we come across them in our reading and talking about what they mean. I know when a word such as ‘debris’ is understood when a student uses it appropriately!

So my next challenge is to help the students to find ways to help themselves.


  1. What a break through Jenni. You must be feeling so much more energised by this.

    1. Yes, it has! Finding topics and resources that are engaging for all the students in the group will continue to be a challenge that I am happy to put effort into.