Thursday, 23 July 2015

What I have learnt in term 2

We have been reading about natural (and some man-made) disasters.
Texts have included Learning Media resources, newspaper items, and some internet articles & clips.

1. Orientation is very important for providing a foundation/framework for content learning. 

2. Understanding of vocabulary is crucial
These students don’t just struggle with text specific vocabulary but other vocabulary as well
Glossaries have been very useful but often not extensive enough
We have needed to revisit vocabulary regularly to embed
Making our own glossary has contributed to greater understanding of text content

3. Follow-up activities are best done collaboratively
These students need to practise locating information in specific texts rather than a wide range
Not always necessary for every text (+ time issue)

One student has graduated from the group having made 2 years progress in reading in 6 months!! The rest of the group have made at least six months progress in six months, except 1 student who has made no progress in the past 2 years.

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